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7) Studies & Awards

During 1997 - 1999 Green Adventure was the subject of many studies, as a pioneering and very successful example of inner city sustainable regeneration project.   It also won several national awards: BURA , 'The Regeneration Oscars' being the most prestigious, for the organization as a whole, others were for individual projects, like both of the Forest Gardens receiving the British Telecom yearly awards for best practice in community regeneration. 

GA is also mentioned in some interesting urban food growing studies..

these are some of the ones we could still find

BURA Award

Forum for the Future Case Study

Urban Agriculture in London 

(a WHO study, 2001, we're mentioned in p.11 &12 together with our North London colleagues, Growing Communities) 

2 Articles in PermaCulture Magazine (to be scanned)

City Harvest - Growing More Food in London

(GA mentioned on p.25 & 38)

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