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1) Mission & Aims

Mission Statement
To enable inner-city people, in particular those of us who are socially and economically disadvantaged, to create and take part in practical community projects which promote sustainable development thereby empowering us to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our communities and future generations.


"Ordinary people are shaping the next Century: 
in our own homes and neighbourhoods, with each small change we make, 
we are building a healthy and positive present and future 
for ourselves and for our children: a great GREEN ADVENTURE."

Aims of Green Adventure

  • To promote the protection and enhancement, for the benefit of the public generally, of the environment in line with the principies of permaculture.
  • To relieve poverty, sickness and distress.
  • To advance the education of the public in the subject of sustaínable development as defined by the United Nations Earth Summits on Environment and Development.


  • To set up and /-or support innovative local initiatives advancing such sustainable development; for example: community orchards, environmental youth projects, community supported organic agriculture / box schemes, energy conservation projects, recycling initiatives, environmental education & training, Local Exchange and Trading Systems and other relevant community development initiatives.
  • To encourage and facilitate the informed participation of women, youth & ethnic minorities in Local Agenda 21 initiatives.
  • To maintain working links with other organisations, in particular those concerned with sustainable development, permaculture and Local Agenda 21, in order to more effectively achieve these aims and objectives.

Equal Opportunities Policy
Green Adventure is aware of the damage caused by racism, sexism, heterosexist attitudes, direct and indirect discrimination against people with special needs, against people on grounds of age or class / cultural background and other forms of prejudice; and aims to do al¡ in its power to help eliminate such practices which are incompatible with a just and sustainable society, the building of which forms the core of our work.

This commitment to equality of opportunity is upheld in all aspects of Green Adventure's work.

About Green Adventure

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    Lottery Funding

    Green Adventure received 'core funding' from the National Lottery fund & this was supplemented with other small grants over 6 years.

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    Green AdventureThie project will create a community environmental centre from a disused nursery site to propagate fruit, vegetables, herbs and other plants. This thr...£153,08226/03/1998LambethCommunity Fund
    Green AdventureCombating Poverty By Promoting Self-Help, Community Building & Enviromental Init£124,50019/12/1995LambethCommunity Fund
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